The sailing vessel and cargo ship Tres Hombres 126 ton

Ambassador for a new future of sailing cargo transport
The 32 meter schooner “Tres Hombres” has been sailing since December of 2009. She will maintain a shipping route for transport of cargo between Europe, the Islands in the Atlantic, the Caribbean and America. In addition to her capacity for 35 tons of cargo she has accommodation for a crew of five professional sailors and 10 trainees.

The brigantine Tres Hombres is the prototype vessel for breaking open the market for sailing cargo transport.

The ship with which we are the first to be pioneering in the new sailing cargo transport market is the Tres Hombres a name inspired by the cooperation of the three friends who took the initiative for this project.
It is a pilot project aimed at opening the market in which we find ourselves, proving the feasibility and creating goodwill for cargo transport using sail powered vessels.

Through a stroke of luck we were able to acquire a beautiful composite built hull designed for sailing. The Hull of Tres Hombres is one of the first hulls to be developed using a tank for measuring performance characteristics. The hull was designed for speed and seaworthiness rather than for holding cargo. However it has given us a solid base to begin with our project and also offers us a treasury full of possibilities for further development of a whole new generation of sailing cargo hulls.

Her easy to handle sailing rig was designed following the guidelines of the renowned sailing Researcher and Scientist Middendorf.
Sailing General Cargo Schoenerbrik Tres Hombres
Sail area

Lenght over all
Lenght waterline
Lenght deck

Deplacement loaded

Tanks capacity
Drinking water
Bio olie (gpo)

: Brigantine
: 315 m2
: Komposit wood/steel

: 32 meter
: 20.57 meter
:+/_ 25 meter
: 6.40   meter
: 3.00   meter (geladen)

: 126 ton
: 13.301 meter
: 0.252
: 51,02
: 13,37

: 5075 Liter
: 750 Liter

6 kw
2 x
1 x
  • Cargo Hold 55 qm ; 35 tonnes
  • Pallets capacity: 20-30
  • Cooling area: 10 qm
  • crew: 5
  • Trainees 10
  • Daytips; 35 pers.
Clipper ship Tres Hombres
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Last updated: 11/7/2013
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Tres Hombres
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