Last updated: 19/6/2014
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Fairtransport Shipping bv - Willemsoord 73, 1781 AS Den Helder - Tel.: 0223 683 516
Copyright by: AZH
Clipper ship Tres Hombres
                                            Von A nach B ohne CO2!

Sailors with a double mission

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/18/14

These guys help us ship our products to their final destination... Using really awesome ships! Check out their website! http://www.wallbreakers.eu/nl/

But they also have another mission.

With a message of peace, Wallbreakers will sail from Amsterdam to Berlin with several traditional barges this summer. We will bring gifts for Berlin and return with original pieces of the Berlin wall. The long journey is a tribute to the Dutch ships that sailed the same journey and passed right through the Berlin wall in 1987, two years before the reunification. Our message is one of peace and freedom.


Shipping next wednesday

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/13/14

Little update: the ship is on the water again next Wednesday, at least, if that cannon doesn't fire ;-)

There he is!

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/13/14

Good news rum lovers!

Our new rum is bottled and available beginning next week in the Netherlands and soon after in other countries!

Is our rum is not for sale yet in your area? Talk with your local liquor store, baror other retail outlet and contact us for an order! www.treshombres-rum.com & www.fairtransport.eu

Workshop ship in a bottle!

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/05/14

We from Tres Hombres are used to moving fair bottles of rum in our ship. That it could be the other way around as well was proved by Frans Dekker and his pal Henry.

They gave a workshop "Ship in a bottle" at the VOC day and used our Tres Hombres Rum bottles for it. From what we've heard the perfect shape and size!

The next step is putting a miniature of our own ship in the bottle. Who's up for the challenge?

New Fairtransport website

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/05/14

Ahoy fair sailors! We are proud to announce that the company behind Tres Hombres ship has got a new website: www.fairtransport.eu

What do you think, just as pretty as the ship right!?


by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/05/14

DATE: 03-06-14 GMT: 1241 POS: 51-17.792 N, 002-55.069 W COG: 0 SOG: 0




WIND DIR: no wind

WIND SPD: no wind

CLOUDS: complete overcast, slight rain


SEA TEMP: 17.3


AIR PRES: 1014

We are anchoring on the sandbanks waiting for the wind to catch up or for the tidal streams to reverse. The sea is calm and was sunny until just after lunch.

Chocolatemakers in the Financial Times

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/30/14

Honorable mention of Chocolatemakers in the Financial Times as part of the top 5 best Chocolate makers of the world! Their beans are moved by the Tres Hombres and a new load of it just arrived a couple days ago.


Jorne at Filmfestival 'Ambacht in Beeld'

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/30/14

Jorne at Filmfestival 'Ambacht in Beeld', telling about Fairtransport, the only sustainable alternative!

Picture of Tres Hombres ship arriving in Oostende!

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/30/14

Chocoladecaravaan on nationaal radio

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/28/14

The chocoladecaravaan on national Radio 1! http://www.radio1.nl/item/195907-De%20Ochtend%20van%20de%20chocoladekaravaan.html

Arjen about Fairtransport, 30th of May

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/23/14

May 30th! Come see captain Arjen speak about the Fairtransport revolution. http://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=a8ecb40d7e563b40d80c8addf&id=7175f7771e&e=7ae32156c1

Nice reading material for the Spanish speakers

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/23/14

Nice reading material for those of you who speak Spanish... ;) http://visao.sapo.pt/o-unico-cargueiro-a-vela-do-mundo-esteve-nos-acores=f781512

Grenada choclate fietstocht

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/20/14

Een bericht van de Grenada chocolate:

Beste vrienden en supporters,

Inmiddels zijn alle fietsers aangekomen, de laatste pakketjes chocolade worden morgenochtend bezorgd in Venray. Het was weer een zeer geslaagd evenement, mede dankzij jullie!
Ik hoop dat jullie het ook leuk vonden om mee te helpen of anderszins betrokken te zijn.

Hieronder de resultaten:
- Er is 577 kilo chocolade gefietst
- Naar 43 winkels
- In 26 plaatsen
- Door 40 fietsers
- De langste afstand in één dag was: 195 km door Eva Oomen naar Groningen!

Zeil mee

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/16/14

Update reisschema: nog een aantal plaatsen vrij!

- De tocht 6 juni naar Middelburg met behulp van trekpaarden. Start om 15:00, €40,- vergoeding
- Dagtocht 19 mei Amsterdam naar enkhuizen. Inschepen om 10:00, €50,- vergoeding

Ten slotte: We hebben voor de verder voor de reizen van Vlissingen naar Terneuzen, Terneuzen Douarnenez en Douarnenez Rostock nog plaatsen vrij. Wil jij of ken jij iemand die deze unieke ervaring mee wil maken? Mail dan even naar sabine@fairtransport.nl

Be there

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/16/14

24-05, Den Helder! Be there or be square!

Tres hombres Dinner

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/16/14

Open ship Restaurant-Café de IJ-kantine in Amsterdam! Come taste the lovely three course Tres Hombres meal! :)

Sail with us

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/16/14

Would you like to sail with us? Amsterdam-Enkhuizen, next week. Contact Sabine@fairtransport.nl for more info. :)

Urgent: Friday 9th at Goudfazant postponed due to bad weather

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/07/14

URGENT: due to expected bad weather, the party we planned @ hotel Goudfazant on friday May 9th, is CANCELLED. We can't risk out cocoabeans getting wet... Instead, the party will take place exactly one week later, on the 16th, at 16:00. Tell your friends and see you then!

Right now! Tres Hombres at the locks of IJmuiden, Netherlands!!!

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/06/14


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Last updated: 19/6/2014
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Das segelnde Frachtschiff Tres Hombres 
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Die 32 Meter lange Schonerbrigg 'Tres Hombres' ist seit Dezember 2009 in Fahrt.
Sie unterhält einen Frachtdienst zwischen Europa, den Atlantischen Inseln, dem Karibischen Gebiet und Amerika. Neben einer Frachtkapazität in Höhe von 35 t, verfügt sie auch über Kojen für 5 Besatzungsmitglieder und 10 Lehrlinge/Trainees.

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