The current fleet of sailing cargo vessels, available for charter, exists of the following Sailing General Cargo Tres Hombres, ketch Bessy Ellen and the new development of the Ecoliner Fair Winds.

Coming soon, are bigger modern hybrid sailing vessels, especially suited for competing with regular coastal, bulk and liner shipping.
Sailing General Cargo Schoenerbrik Tres Hombres
Fairtransport bv - Willemsoord 73, 1781 AS Den Helder - Netherlands Tel.: +31 (0)223 683 516
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Type of Ship
Length Overall
Mast Height
Sail Area
Deplacement loaded
Tonnage (GRT)
Tonnage (Nrt)
: Brigantine
: 32 meter
: 6.40 meter
: 3 meter
: 24 metres
: 315 sq. m
: 126 ton
: 51,02
: 13,37


  • Capacity cargo hold 55 qm
  • Pallet capacity 20-30
  • Crew: 5
  • Trainees 10
  • Day Guests: 30 / 40
Ecoliner Fair Winds 8000 ton deadweight
The ecoliner is a type of cargo vessel propelled by a combination of high-tech sail and engine power. This hybrid feature, makes it possible to offer you exactly the same service of speed, freightprice and trustworthiness as expected from a traditional motor cargo vessel. While maximising the sustainable gain, without having to change your logistic systems. Making use of ecoliners, as ocean transport means, does decrease the polluting emissions of ships by minimum of 50%. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities of chartering the first ecoliner.

Dynamic Dynarigs
The Dynarig concept continues to evolve, with the 130 meter Ecoliner currently on the drawing boards at Dykstra Naval Architects as we test various options and layouts. After the success of Maltese Falcon, This square rig design has certainly proven itself in terms of both speed and ease of sail handling on a large superyacht
... the only sustainable alternative!
Type of Ship
Length Overall
Lenght over deck
Mast Height
Sail Area
Deplacement loaded
Tonnage (GRT)

: Smack
: 25 meter
: 20 meter
: 3 meter
: 20 metres
: 280 sq. m
: ton
: 46.63


  • Capacity cargo hold 28 qm
  • Pallet capacity 15 - 20
  • Crew: 3
  • Trainees 6
  • Day Guests: 20
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